Freed, photographed, exhibited

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A beautiful book for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris


Visit the exhibitions commemorating the liberation of Paris : Carnavalet Museum from June 11th  to February 8th 2014

and Hôtel de Ville from June 20th to Septembre 27th

In November 1944, scarcely three months after the liberation of Paris, the Musée Carnavalet organized the first exhibition devoted to the rising against the German occupiers. Images form anonymous citizens, official bodies, and professional photographers-among them Robert Doisneau, Pierre Jahan, Jean Séerberger, René Zuber-offered moving testimony to a remarkable moment in history.

Seventy years later the Musée Carnavalet is showing an expanded version of the same exhibition, immersing us in the Paris of 1940-1944 with over 300 meticulously explained and annotated photographs.

In addition to its inherent interest, the exhibition raises all sorts of questions. What shapes our collective memory ? How are heroes and victims portrayed ? What part did photographers play under the Occupation ? How can photographs be manipulated ? What is a propaganda image ? Here intersecting points of view-from historians of the 20th century and of photography, experts, great photographers-prove once again that history is recounted an enriched by many voices.


Authors : Catherine Tambrun, Jean-Claude Ameisen, Axel Kahn, Françoise Denoyelle

  • Format hardcover  - 416 pages - 270 illustrations - 24 x 30 cm
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