A Wardrobe’s Tale

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This incredible collection, presented to the public for the first time, belonged to Alice Alleaume, head of the sales team at the prestigious fashion house Chéruit from 1912 to 1923. One-off evening gowns, amazing shoes, Rose Descat headbands and a rich collection of jewels… Alice Alleaume was a model Parisienne: fashionable, vibrant, modern, with a strong character and excellent taste.

In addition to the historical value and obvious aesthetic charm of the garments on display, this collection tells the story of a woman, a family – Alice Alleaume also dressed her daughter with the utmost care – a fashion house and a wardrobe which came to assume a fascinating life of its own.


Author(s): Sophie Grossiord, Charlotte Lacour, Jacqueline Dumaine, Jean-Charles Virmaux, Charlotte Piot et Eléonore Richer
Format: bound
Number of pages: 256
Number of illustrations: 140
Dimensions: 17 x 23

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