Antoine Bourdelle... que du dessin

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All of Antoine Bourdelle's work was fuelled by sketching and accompanied him throughout his life. ''It doesn't matter what you do at school as long as you draw'', he once said to his entourage and to his students: ''You must draw constantly, knowledge of sculpture begins with drawing.''

Extracted from the exceptional collection of more than 6200 drawings conserved at the Bourdelle Museum, around 200 key drawings that show the artists rich diversity of expression are presented in this book. In addition to well-known works (sketches of Isadora Duncan, preparatory drawings for Hercules the Archer, the recurring theme of centaurs?), the book includes a selection of rare, never-before-seen drawings, au terme d'un inventaire tout juste achevé. A varied combination of preparatory drawings, life drawings (from life and memory), fantasy drawings and drawings of reoccurring themes, all brought together to cast light on the work of a world-renowned sculptor. ?The true basis of sculpture is drawing.?

Museum: Musée Bourdelle Format: hardback
Number of pages: 336
Number of illustrations: 300
Dimensions: 210 x 280 mm

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