Bastille Organic Coffee

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This supple, aromatic pure Arabica coffee is delicately natural and celebrates the Place de Bastille, a symbol of the French Revolution... This excellent coffee is carefully roasted according to strict French traditions, a demonstration of the age-old know-how of Paris's most famous roasting house.

Did you know? The oldest signs of the coffee-drinking culture are to be found in Ethiopia. In the 15th century the small town of Moka became the first location of the coffee trade.    


Pure origin Moka Sidamo

Strength: mild.  

Lively and full of flavour

Organic ground pure Arabica coffee
Roasted and packaged in France

Weight: 250 g


Filter or press cafetiere, percolator, espresso machines for domestic use.
Use water with a low mineral content
Dosage: 7 to 10 g per cup
Infusion time for a press cafetiere is 4 to 6 minutes. 


This coffee has been packaged in a modified atmosphere. The freshness valve allows the fullness of the coffee's aromas to be perfectly preserved. After opening, the coffee should ideally be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and air

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