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Michel Quarez

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The first monograph devoted to Michel Quarez, this book is both retrospective and biographical, and reveals the riches of the work of this artist in posters and illustration.

A biographical text describing the major milestones in the artistic life of Michel Quarez, who has chosen to accompany the text with abundant materials from a range of genres, such as front pages newspapers and magazines, various illustrations (comic strips, advertising, press), photographs of exhibition installations, paintings, portraits and attempts at graphicsdesign. The text is punctuated, in accordance with the period in question, with posters by the artist. The book also invites the reader to consider his ?research work? and how he applied it to the creation of posters, along with the whole artistic world of Michel Quarez.

231 pages - 26 x 19 cm Illustrations: 380 in black and white and colour

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