Quartier latin organic coffee

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This exclusive blend of arabica grands crus demonstrates all the expertise of the roaster, offering us the best aromas. It provides a glimpse of the Sorbonne district bursting with ideas and talent... This exclusive blend is the result of a delicate alchemy perfectly mastered by Cafés Richard experts within the rules of the French art of roasting. 

Did you know? Coffee tasting requires 4 of the 5 senses:
Sight because it all begins with a pleasing appearance
Smell to enjoy the aromas, and retro-olfaction allowing flavours to be detected
Taste divided into four categories: sweet – salty – sour – bitter Touch to be able to appreciate the texture, the body and the length


Strength: medium

Organic pure Arabica coffee beans
Elegant and well balanced
Roasted and packaged in France

Weight: 250 g         


Coffee beans to be ground or used in a domestic coffee machine
Use water with a low mineral content Dosage

7 to 10 g per cup


This coffee has been packaged in a modified atmosphere. The freshness valve allows the fullness of the coffee's aromas to be perfectly preserved. After opening, the coffee should ideally be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and air.

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