Solar Night Light - The Haussmann building

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Quick Overview

Using energy from the sun, the City of Paris solar-powered lamp reminds us of the charm of Paris’s historic quarters and the elegance of their buildings. Three models for a very Parisian ambience!

The City of Paris solar-powered lamp is made from Kraft paper and charges in the window during the day. It lights up in the evening (or when desired). A day of sunlight provides approximately 5 hours of autonomous light. This solar-powered lamp can be used for decoration (a table or Christmas decoration, or as a lamp in a bedroom or lounge). Everyone can create their own Parisian ambience!

The City of Paris solar-powered lamp is an excellent way to explain to children how solar energy works while having fun. 

The City of Paris solar-powered lamp or “Casagami” is a unique, patented concept. Casagami has been awarded the “Les Découvertes” prize in the Kids world category.


In each pack there is a pre-cut sheet of cardboard and an adhesive solar module.

The solar module is composed of a light emitting diode (LED), an amorphous solar panel, a rechargeable LIR 2023 battery and an ON/OFF switch.


-          Detach the cardboard house from the frame

-          Fold all the tabs and walls

-          Stick the adhesive module underneath the roof

-          Attach the tabs to complete the house


Place the little house lamp on the windowsill during the day to charge it. Light it when desired.

5 hours charging in the sun = 5 hours of LED light

Automatic stop system: the little house light automatically switches off when it comes into contact with light of intensity greater than 2000 lux.

Weight and dimensions

Pack dimensions: 162 x 229 x 11 mm

Assembled dimensions: 80 x 65 x 75 mm

Guaranteed 1 year

Copyright Litogami 2014 – Patented solar module – made in France

The City of Paris solar-powered lampis made in France: in Agen, Annonay, and the Paris region. For packaging and the shipping management Litogami employs members of Ateliers du Château, a work-based support centre located in Rueil Malmaison. Thanks to its packaging, consisting of an envelope, and total weight of less than 50 grams, The City of Paris solar-powered lampcan easily be posted all over the world for a low carbon cost. Casagami works with solar energy (photovoltaic) and uses a LED light (low energy consumption and with a life expectancy of more than 10 years). The City of Paris solar-powered lamp is made from paper from sustainably managed forests. The printing of The City of Paris solar-powered lamp is certified "Imprim’vert" (non-toxic inks and sustainable waste management).

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