English guide - Paris by bike with Vélib'

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Vélib' is a contraction of vélo (bike) and liberté (freedom). It's the perfect way to discover the city ! Paris now has a fabulous network of bike paths and this book gives seven itineraries throughout the city for safe, fun and healthy visiting.

The book has maps, addresses for shopping and eating, practical information and sites to visit. There is even an interactive feature using QR codes for news and activities on the blog Vélib & Me (blog.velib.paris.fr/en). Since it was launched in 2007 Vélib has become one of the most-used means of transport in Paris, with over 120 000 daily trips. It's a fantastic and oh-so-Parisian way to see the city: along the Seine and its monuments, off the beaten track in Batignolles & Montmartre, or along the green track to the authentic Aligre market. Visit the city by bike with confidence and at your own pace thanks to this invaluable guide.

Editeur : Le Chêne - dimensions : 21x15 cm - 144 pages - parution juin 2013